Lux Charter business

What is Lux Charter?

Lux Charter is part of Lux Express Group that offers bus charters for all occasions in Estonia and all over the Europe.

How long has Lux Charter been in business?

Lux Charter has been in business for over 20 years.

Does Lux Charter buses have regular scheduled runs from city to city?

Lux Charter is exclusively a charter operation for groups who charter the complete coach to go to the destination of their choice. Regular lines are operated by Lux Express.


How to make a booking?

This can be done by filling out our online quote form or by calling +372 681 3403 and speaking with one of our representatives or sending a direct email. Lux Charter representative will generate a quote for you based on the information you provide them.

When going on an overnight trip, is the group responsible for finding a hotel room for the driver?

The group chartering the service is responsible for the hotel room and food costs for the driver. Group is also responsible for any associated parking fees.

What are the forms of payment accepted?

Lux Charter accepts prepayment invoices and cash.

What is included with the charter service and are there additional costs I should consider?

The charter service includes exclusive the usage of the motor coach for the duration of the trip. It does not include any parking fees and/or tolls.

I would only like to rent a bus for a short amount of time. What is the minimum amount of time that a bus can be booked?

Motor coaches have a minimum booking time of one hour.

How far in advance should I reserve a motor coach or mini-bus?

We generally recommend booking sooner rather than later. Depending on the season, a general guideline is one to two months in advance, but we are ready to accept booking at the last minute if we have a driver and vehicle available.

Where can the coach come to pick us up?

That’s the beauty of chartering a motor coach, we come to you. We will pick you up wherever you request and take you directly to your destination.


What are the cancellation terms?

At least 72 hours before departure 0% of the specified fare and charges
48-72 hours before departure 25% of the specified fare and charges
24-48 hours before departure 50% of the specified fare and charges
0-24 hours before departure 100% of the specified fare and charges
Cancellation without notice (No-show) 100% of the specified fare and charges

Is smoking allowed on board?

Federal rules prohibit smoking on board. If your group wishes to smoke, we will be glad to make stops as requested.

Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are allowed on board. If you are travelling with your pet, the cage/bag must not exceed 40 x 40 cm in dimensions so it can fit on the seat.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted on board?

It is possible upon agreement with Lux Charter representative. However, Lux Charter do not serve alcoholic beverages on board. Please note that Lux Charter has the right to demand a fine of 100.00 EUR in case the property requires additional cleaning after the service have been provided.

Our motor coaches

What kinds of coaches do you offer?

Our Mercedes-Benz motor coaches range in capacity from 49-55 passengers. For smaller groups we offer Iveco mini-bus services. These services are best for short, in-town bus transportation.

What if the bus is late or has a breakdown?

Lux Charter has affiliates that are just a phone call away to handle any unforeseeable problems. There is also a 24-hour customer service hotline to process any troubles.

Are your buses handicap accessible?

Our mini-buses are handicap accessible.

How many passengers does a motor coach seat?

Lux Charter has 49 and 55 passenger Mercedes-Benz coaches.

How many passengers does a mini bus seat?

Lux Charter has 25 and 28 passenger IVECO buses.


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